Downey City Library is a starting point for finding information on all community and regional resources. Below you’ll find a list of links and contact information for the organizations we’re most often asked about.

Community Resources

Downey City Hall

11111 Brookshire Avenue Downey, CA 90241

Phone: (562) 869-7331

Downey Police Department

10911 Brookshire Avenue Downey, CA 90241

Phone:(562) 861-0771

For all emergency calls: Dial 911

Downey Fire Department

Fire Administration City Hall

11111 Brookshire Avenue Downey, CA 90241

Phone: (562) 904-7313

For all emergency calls: Dial 911

Barbara J. Riley Community & Senior Center

7810 Quill Drive Downey, CA 90242

Phone: (562) 904-7223

Parks and Recreation

7850 Quill Drive Downey, CA 90242

Phone: (562) 904-7238

Downey Theatre

8435 Firestone Boulevard, Downey, California 90241

Phone: (562) 861-8211

Homeless Services and Resources Guide

This guide has contact information for a number of organizations that provide services in the area, including: Youth Services, Food Banks, Veteran Services, Mental Health Services, Drug and Rehabilitation Services, Homeless Outreach Services and other County Services.

Downey Volunteer Opportunities

The City of Downey’s Volunteer Program helps answer unmet community needs by matching volunteers with non-profit and public agencies. 

Downey Community Organizations

The City of Downey publishes a list of community organizations.


The Downey Patriot

The Downey Patriot reports weekly on all things Downey, including politics, sports, crime and human interest.

The Downey Legend

Downey High School’s student-run newspaper

The Warren Word

Warren High School’s student-run newspaper

History & Archives

Downey Historical Society

Downey Historical Society operates out of the Downey History Center. Their mission is to preserve the memories of the City of Downey in books, photographs, artifacts, newspapers, pamphlets, stories, biographies, as well as other forms of documentation.

Aerospace Legacy Foundation

The Aerospace Legacy Foundation is a community-centered organization from Downey that is dedicated to preserving Southern California's rich aerospace history. They lend support and collaborate with the Columbia Memorial Space Center on historical, educational and outreach projects. Their collection includes artifacts, photos and assets related to the former Downey NASA Industrial Site (Formerly Boeing and Rockwell International).

California Historical Society

California Historical Society is the official state historical society. With a mission to make California’s richly diverse past a meaningful part of our contemporary lives, the California Historical Society collects and brings to light all information not generally accessible to the public on the subject of California history.